Anyone who is well acquainted with this popular white wine knows its reputation for being either "oaky" or "not oaky" and this is understandable. The Chardonnay grape is considered “the” white grape and it is cultivated in a number of regions around the world.  American Chardonnays have traditionally been more oaky while the French version less so.

More often than not, Chardonnays are fermented in oak barrels or will even have oak chips added to the fermentation process, which gives the wine that vanilla or toast flavor. As for that “buttery” nose you find in many Chardonnays, it’s due to the malolactic fermentation process in which the harsher malic acid present during fermentation (tart like a Granny Smith apple) is converted into lactic acid which changes the profile of the wine into one that is smoother, softer. More and more Chardonnays today are aged in stainless steel which will feature a higher level of acidity. But enough of the technical.  Let’s introduce you to one of our California Chardonnays: MATCHBOOK CHARDONNAY 2014.

This wine is creamy with a hint of the buttery nose, along with detectible notes of pear and melon and nice vanilla making for a wine that is rich and ripe. Produced by a small family owned vineyard in the famed Dunnigan Hills of Napa California, Matchbook received 88 points out of 100 from the respected Tasting Panel Magazine. Aged for eight months in “Old Heads” oak barrels used in past vintages, there is less oak extracted allowing for a brighter, crisper flavor of the grape to come through. Excellent with any soft cheese or a rich pasta, like Alfredo. So come on in to meet and greet this great summer wine and compare it with some of our other Chardonnays that have a different tale to tell.

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