Graduations may be over but there are still other occasions to celebrate; anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, welcoming a new neighbor to Newburgh. And nothing can help set the mood more than Palate’s Crémant de Loire Domaine du Vieil Orme, ($20) the fraternal twin to fine champagne.

Crémant is a French sparkling wine, drier than Prosecco. Since it is not cultivated in the Champagne region, it cannot technically be called by that name.  Yet, by law, it must be made in the “méthod champagnoise,” the exact same way as champagne.  It must be made from the same grapes as champagne and must have a second fermentation in the bottle. There are about ten different regions that produce their own crémants. This one from the Loire is among the finest.

Our Crément de Loire comes from the venerable Domaine du Vieil Orme (Estate of the Old Elm) established in 1849. Located in the Loire Valley, the terroir of the estate is clay and limestone, ideal for the Chardonnay grape which is the single one in this Crémant.  Pop the cork and find yourself pouring a bubbly wine that is creamy and luscious, featuring a “soupcon” of honey with a bright, crisp acidity. Let the bubbles tickle the nose and tingle on the palate.  Drinking this Crémant de Loire demands a toast, if only to itself.

This elegant festive wine is ideal as an apéritif, stimulating the appetite for what is to come, or is excellent with a rich fish, such as salmon, mackerel or shellfish.  It also is an appropriate partner for those dishes with rich French cream sauces.  

So, come in and begin your celebration with us at Palate. Then continue at home where your guests will surely ask for more, which mean two bottles are always better than one.