The Loire is the longest river in France, meandering for 629 miles, starting in the Central Massif, in the south and emptying out into the Atlantic at Nantes, in the north. Along its banks are some of France's finest vineyards and over 1000 chateaux. The Loire Valley is referred to as the "Garden of France."

One of France's most distinguished white wines is produced in Sancerre, hence the name of the wine. 100 percent Sauvignon blanc, this is an aristocrat of wines, yet social enough to be found in almost every bistro and cafe in Paris due to its reputation for being a very food friendly wine.

Sancerre is bone dry with intense fruity aromas and pronounced mineral finish. Palate carries an excellent, highly rated Sancerre, our Francois Millet ($22), which is cultivated in the village of Bue whose clay and gravel soil render a full bodied, rounded wine of high quality. Excellent with grilled salmon ( squeeze some lime juice on the fillet, then smear on some Dijon mustard and drizzle with a bit of pure maple syrup) shellfish, or creamy pasta sauces. Just feel how this superb, aromatic wine stimulates the palate and lightens the richness of your entree. So come in and pick up a bottle and savor one of France's loveliest wines.