Thanksgiving is soon to be here and families will be celebrating it in many different ways. For many of us it is a holiday of tradition (in mine it would not be Thanksgiving without mashed rutabaga with lots of butter, salt and pepper). For some, it means just a casual meal, kicking back and enjoying a Bud. For others, it is more formal, but whatever the tradition is, it is always a pleasure to try something new.

In my last blog, I wrote about the differences between aperitifs and digestifs. This time I want to provide you with some news on particular ones which we carry and which would enhance your festive meal. 

As guests arrive, start them off with a small glass of our Dolin Dry White Vermouth ($19). Pour it  chilled on the rocks with a lemon twist.

Or sip away with the new palate pleasure, the Italian Cardamaro ($22.95) . This distinguished ancient recipe comes from the Piedmont region and has a vinho amaro as its base which is the infused with cardoons, a thistle like vegetable found on many Italian and French tables where it is prepared au gratin. Along with other botanicals, it is then rested in oak for at least six months.  It is an intriguing blend on the palate of a light sweetness combined with an appetite stimulating bitterness. Great as an aperitif for opening the palate for a fine meal.

Our Cappelleti Pasubio ($22.95) will  not only bring out comments on what is in the bottle but the label as well. A really beautiful graphic. This aperitif comes from the mountains of northeast Italy, from Trentino near to Austria. It carries flavors of pine, blueberry and alpine herbs which lend a real sense of place to this drink. Pasubio' s deep rich flavors, combined  with a hint of bitterness along with its lush texture are a result of its preparation with a wine base.

As for digestifs, try our Broadbent Madeira 5 yr. aged reserve ($25) or our Ferreira Vintage 2011 Port ($55) or Dona Antonia Reserve Tawny ($19.00). We also just brought in the monarch of dessert wines, a fine La Fleur D'Or 2014 Sauternes 375  ml ($19.95). Great with dessert or a good blue cheese. Sip slowly and enjoy.

I hope to see you in the coming weeks to introduce to even more of our new aperitifs and digestifs. Have a wonder November and December time!