Who's your queen of hearts?  The day approaches for full recognition... of the queen or the king! 

We know the usuals: Bouquets from Jenny' florist on Liberty St. Or chocolates from Commadore on Broadway, dinner at Liberty St bistro or elsewhere. But the gift that stimulates the senses, tickles the tastebuds and lingers with a fine finish is wine. And where can you find a better wine environment than at Palate Wines & Spirits? Valentine's Day is one of the days in the year that we may spend a bit more for the person who means more to us, so let me offer you two of our top rated jewels in the crown.

Francois Confuron Gindre Vosne-Romanee  Premier Cru Les Chaumes 2015, This Côte de Nuits is rated as one of the best in its  category by Wine Spectator- 89 out of 100 points. These Côte de Nuits, from the Vognes Romanee appellation are highly prized Burgundies. Vinted  from 100 percent Pinot Noir they are known for their finesse and velvety warmth with a suggestion of spice. As an old textbook on wine points out: "there are no common wines in Vosne-Romanee". This is a noble wine at a noble price, but we are giving it a 10 percent discount from Feb. 12th through the 14th. Discounted price: $88.16 + tax.

Perspires de Juvenal 2015 is a very selective Côte du Rhone 100 percent Grenache. It has consistently been rated at 4 stars. This is a tour de force wine harvested from carefully watched vines, handpicked using only the premium grapes. It,is,then stored in stainless steel vats. Just under 300 cases are bottled so it is a rare, un duplicated wine. It offers an incredible bouquet of jammy blackberries, spring flowers and a hint of licorice. Full bodies, voluptuous and well rounded, this wine has been called "sexy", a wine that can knock your socks off. What better wine for Valentines Day to serve alongside a prime steak. Don't miss it. Discounted price: $49.46 + tax.

And remember during the above dates all our wines are 10 percent off and all our red label wines are 15 percent off, so come in and talk to us about the joys of wine. And walk out with something extraordinary for a singular person in your life.