During the Renaissance, Venice produced four female artists of note. Today, it is producing some remarkable female wine producers. As part of Palate's focus on Women in Wine, we would like to introduce our customers to a spellbinding wine with a knowledgable, hardworking woman behind it. But first, the wine and its Italian soul. Let's go!

Venice, the beloved city of the Veneto, the leading wine region of northern Italy.  Most people associated this region with Prosecco,or Soave and of course for the reds, Valpolicella. But the Doge  of Veneto wines, the wine considered by wine experts as the finest wine of the region is AMORONE. 

Think of a dense, inky red wine produced from the corvina and rondinella grapes. How is it that this relatively cool region is able to produce such a remarkable, rich red?  It has to do with a style of wine making called appassimento. The best grapes from the harvest are let hang on the vine a little longer, then are taken in clusters and laid out on bamboo shelves to dry out in the sun for a few months. This allows water to evaporate and the sugars and flavor to intensify. The resulting wine is opulent, full bodied with an alcohol content of 15-16 percent.

This labor  intensive method, along with the risks of weather, affect the cost of the wine. Amarone is not a bargain table wine,  but your palate will seldom be treated to such a 5 star sip.

Palate is proud to introduce our wine lovers to our Alpha Zeta Amarone Val Policella 2013, an unforgettable selection.  Though the woman behind the wine is a native of New Zealand, she has lived for years in Italy and is passionate about all of her wines. The results have helped her develop a reputation throughout the Veneto. So, for that special occasion, for Valentine's Day, open a bottle of our Amarone with the one you love. It's really worth it.