Know a dad who likes to drink Manhattans? Well, save some money and up your reputation for great gift-giving with this combo of excellent local, limited edition Rye or Bourbon (Taconic Founder’s Rye or Taconic Straight Bourbon Whiskey) and an incredibly well-made vermouth (Dolin Rouge). Father’s Day special: $61.99 for both bottles! 

TACONIC STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY: Tasting Notes from ‘Hudson Valley Magazine’

Voted “Best Bourbon” of the Hudson Valley by HV Magazine, Dutchess Private Reserve “has a lovely coppery color to it, or maybe like a gorgeous amber maple syrup. It starts off with a wonderful baked quality like cookies in the oven, butter, butterscotch, cookie dough, honey, vanilla, and lots of spice. It got a little bit of a bite up front, but goes down incredibly smoothly without a lot of burn. And it’s definitely not as sweet as it smells. In fact, it’s a beautiful, elegant, wonderful bourbon. Fantastic! Move over everyone, the valley now has yet another superior bourbon!” Manhattans made with bourbon pack more punch and offer less spice on the nose and palate, making for a beautifully rounded, powerful cocktail when mixed with Dolin Rouge.

TACONIC FOUNDER’S RYE WHISKEY: Tasting Notes from ‘The Whiskey Reviewer’

“Where other young ryes are redolent of dried banana, Founder’s Rye presents an uncharacteristic twist: banana pudding. One might therefore expect a particular smoothness to this 90 Proof rye. It doesn’t disappoint. An undercurrent of woodiness and spice gets under the tongue and tends to command the flavor, but it’s the rye’s mild sweetness, like summer fruit just before full ripeness, that glides it along. The finish is clean and even smoother, as fresh bananas and watermelon sourballs linger into a mild, mellow finish. This is a fine sipping Rye, and a wonderful addition to the expanding variety of young Rye whiskeys coming from America’s small, independent distillers.” 

DOLIN VERMOUTH DE CHAMBERY ROUGE reviewed by ‘The Speakista'

“The Dolin Rouge earns a solid 4 stars, if not 4 ¼ stars (out of five stars). It is a fine product and worthy for use. The Carpano [Antica, at more than twice the price] comes right at you with a lush cabernet type mouth feel and an almost aged port like presence. The floral and botanical notes are heavy on the palate the bitterness is strong, grows and lingers nicely on the after palate. The Dolin is a different actor playing the same role. Lighter in texture and consistency, it has a more brandy-like quality to it. The botanical notes are lighter and more subdued but still present on the palate. What is striking about this vermouth is the strong dried fruit character of its flavor profile — raisins, currants and dried cherries all seem to come forth. Whereas the Carpano is skewed to the less sweet side of the spectrum, the Rouge registers more in the middle to slightly higher sweetness category. Yet the sweetness is not sugary but rather a rich ‘honey-like’ sweetness that taken with the dried fruit notes is quite alluring.”